Security Consultations

The world is not a safe place.


In fact it can be downright scary at times. Have you ever asked yourself questions like.  Am I safe at home?  Am I safe at work?  How can I make them safer? 

Defensive Specialties, LLC offers security consulting to home owners, renters, small businesses & churches.  Allow us to inspect your property & show you how to be safer & more comfortable at home, work, or worship.

While no building is impenetrable, most criminals are nervous & lazy. They want a quick hit, grab, & run. The harder and more dangerous you make it for them to get in the more likely they will go somewhere else. 

Security systems, video systems, lights, locks, & landscaping, these are just a few of the thing that are covered during our inspection. What type of systems, camera & sensor placement, doors, windows, and locks, how to make you home, business, or church as uninviting to criminals as possible. 

We do not sell security systems or products, & while we will recommend types of products we do not push brands. Our goal is to give you ideas on what you need to do to secure YOUR home, business, or church so that it is safer.

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